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In providing our services we observe two main objectives:

  • Shorten the lead-time between billing software installation and entering into a full-blown production mode
  • Ensure customers businesses against any potential problems in terms of system deployment and usage
Remote Installation/ configuration

EyeBill billing system is installed and configured remotely, so there are no travel and time costs involved in getting the system set up and running. Our technicians have a 24x7 remote access to your billing, which makes them able to constantly monitor the system performance and respond timely to your queries.


We assist telecoms in the start-up stages of their billing deployment by providing a professional basic implementation, performed by a highly trained and qualified team of sales and support engineers. The implementation activities include but are not limited to:

  • Destinations definition
  • Tariff plans definitions
  • Group privileges definition
  • System operators and users definition
  • Banks, currencies and invoice definition
  • Carriers definition
  • Calling cards lot generation
  • Basic and custom reports configuration

By providing expert support at the initial stages of our clients’ market entry, we ease their service deployments and speed their time-to-market.


Training sessions at EyeBill are provided upon demand by the customer. The objective of the training is to clarify specific details that lie behind the intuitive principles of the billing systems functioning and usage.

Since the access to certain billing features is based on different user levels with their corresponding user rights, the training sessions are designed accordingly. Sessions topics, timing, and grouping also vary depending on the specific needs of the customer.

By the end of the training sessions each of the billing users will have the confidence of using all of the features, as allowed by their rights, as well as good understanding of the remaining aspects of the softwares functions and features.


Our major support efforts are towards educating a customer on how to implement their desired business model. Part of our support is to unite our points of view both technically and conceptually, to avoid miscommunication and streamline our customers business operations.

EyeBill team provides support through:

  • Documentation
  • Professional advice
  • Technical assistance

Our policy is to process support request immediately and provide a solution to a problem as soon as possible.

Custom development

Our company releases new software version of EyeBill billing system every quarter or so by reflecting major trends in the billing features demand in our development efforts. Therefore we call our system highly flexible and customizable.

Sometimes, customers set unique specifications and realize that they are missing in the billing systems they research. Usually in cases like that only minor system modifications are needed to tailor EyeBill to those specific requirements. In the rare cases when minor modifications do not suffice, our approach is a custom software development.

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