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 EyeBill VoIP Billing - Overview

To be a leader in the alternative telecommunications industry means either to stay on the defensive side or surprise business rivals with unique value propositions that are hard to copy.

Either way, a business that aspires to keep the lead or take it, needs a powerful tool that will make that leadership vision come true because potential is nothing without capacity.

EyeBill VoIP Billing Software ensures that you have the capacity to reach the high-level targets set for your Voice-over-IP (VoIP) or Voice-over-Broadband (VoBB) business.

The product

EyeBill VoIP Billing Software is advanced web-based modular application that enables large and medium-sized alternative telecoms to provide flexible voice services, manage effectively service offerings and grow their voice businesses due to the systems stability and high traffic scalability.

EyeBill VoIP Billing Software integrates the core AAA functions Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting with vital functions that facilitate the effective management of all billing-related processes:

  • Customers
  • Services
  • Finance
  • Services distribution
  • Reporting
  • Traffic partners
  • User rights

On the business side, EyeBill Billing Software makes possible the deployment of services with high-quality and flexibility within any VoIP business model; on the technical side the system maintains seamless performance at high and rapidly increasing traffic volumes and secures powerful back-up to prevent revenue leakage.

The optimal combination of functions, the adaptability to every VoIP business model and rate-plan settings, as well as its stability, make EyeBill Billing Software the absolute billing and customer care solution for Voice Over Broadband/ IP businesses worldwide.

Who is this product designed for

EyeBill VoIP Billing Software is designed for premium performance and scalability, therefore, it is suitable for VoIP or Broadband service providers who:

  • plan for a full-scope VoIP business deployment
  • need to maintain medium, high or very high voice traffic volumes
  • differentiate on a first-class customer service
  • demand high reliability from their billing system
  • enjoy rapid business development and have outgrown their legacy billing systems
Supported Business Models

EyeBill VoIP Billing System is adaptable to telecom providers' business models and custom requirements for service configuration. Voice-over-IP and Voice-over-Broadband providers can configure different service types within all of the following basic business models:

  • Wholesale traffic origination/termination
  • Retail
  • Prepaid
  • Postpaid
  • Calling cards
  • Call Shop
  • Corporate Clients
  • Residential Clients
  • Internet services
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